Incarnate 2014 Dance Photos and Videos

Incarnate 2014 dancers completed a parallel programme at the OM Arts base located in the UK. These dancers, along with several guest dance mentors, joined the rest of the Incarnate 2014 participants in Bobbio Pellice at the end of the programme.

The musicians shared what they had composed during the programme, and the dancers quickly choreographed corresponding dances a mere 48 hours before they were performed before a live audience!

The videos below were recorded during the performance on April 26, 2014 in Sala Polivalente, Bobbio Pellice, Italy.


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Video from the concert

The Last Supper Deep in Your Soul Psalm 91
Mio Eres Restoration Suite Open the Window with introduction




Last Supper Suite

A dance piece depicting Jesus and the last supper with his disciples. Performed by Toben Archer, Aseneth Castaneda, Sarah Nielsen, Audra Wilson, Amy Williams.
Music by Bill Drake.

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Psalm 91

"You who sit down in the High God’s presence, spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow,
Say this: “God, you’re my refuge. I trust in you and I’m safe!”

Dancer: Cheryl Vigouroux, Music written and performed by Bill Drake with Jill McAfee.

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Mio Eres

A song, written by Susan (a composer), in response to a personal situation she was experiencing.
Dancers: Toben Archer, Sarah Nielsen, Audrey Wilson.
Music: Susana Rodriguez, sung by Bill Drake.

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Restoration Suite

A four movement suite composed by Satu Kolehmainen depicting life's story of: Location, Dislocation, Relocation, Restoration against God's desire for us. Performed at Incarnate 2014 Concert, 26 April, Sala Polivalente, Bobbio Pellice, Italy.

Musicians: Satu Kolehmainen - piano, keyboards, cello, saxophone; Rachel Olney - violin; Frederico Ferrera - piano accordion.
Dancers: Aseneth Castaneda; Toben Archer; Amy Williams; Sarah Nielsen; Audra Wilson.
Choreography: Cheryl Vigouroux; Lauren Consentino; Sarah Nielsen; Audra Wilson.
Production: Dileep Ratnaike; Fritz Liedtke; Susana Rodriguez.


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Open the Window - with introduction

Bill Drake and friends perform 'Open the Window' at the Incarnate 2014 Concert on 26th April 2014, Sala Polivalente, Bobbio Pellice, Italy. The is the finale of the concert on the last night of the concert series.

Performers: Dileep Ratnaike, Jill McAfee, Katja Zimmermann, Curtis Doherty, Giacomo Malvezzi, Satu Kolehmainen.
Dancers: Aseneth Castaneda, Sarah Nielsen, Audra Wilson, Amy Williams, Cheryl Vigouroux, Toben Archer.

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