If you want to lay a biblical foundation for the arts for yourself and others, and learn to articulate it, come to Incarnate.

If you want to cultivate your relationship with Jesus, in a community of like-minded artists, come to Incarnate.

If you want to see how the arts can be missional, listen to stories and learn models from experienced cross-cultural missionary artists, come to Incarnate and with us into a cross-cultural setting.

Incarnate offers three months to wrestle with the great questions of life, faith, and artistic vocation, in community with artists from around the world.  Under the guidance of those who have wrestled over years in missional and professional practice, you will engage in formal and informal discussions.  You will hear perspectives that are difficult to develop within your own context. You will practice cross-cultural living and ministry. 

Incarnate cultivates spiritual maturity.  Incarnate emphasizes a walk in the Spirit (Gal. 5:16), with a specialized, caring, international community.  You will delve deeply into your discipleship walk with the Lord and establish practices that will sustain you for a lifetime of ministry.

After three months in community, you will transfer to an OM Arts Field, where you will put into practice all you learned and experienced at Incarnate.





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