Dancers have great opportunities to connect with people!

  • Be intentional about sharing your faith with fellow dancers.
  • Step out of your comfort zone on a mission trip and dance where ever God tells you to.
  • Talk with audience members after a performance.
  • Teach dance classes or workshops in a community.
  • Learn about dance in a different culture.
  • Collaborate with other artist to create intentional original works.


For the ethnomusicologist, worship leader, cross-cultural artist:

  • Encourage local artists through workshops to create indigenous Christian worship expressions through song, dance, art, and craft.
  • Facilitate what is often the very first creation of indigenous art, music, dance, and craft glorifying God's name.
  • Sit alongside the musicians and artists to encourage them by showing your interest in their skill.
  • Train under experienced workshop leaders.
  • For the audio engineer and videographer:
  • Capture and produce what is often the first performance of indigenous expression for God
  • Encourage local artists by showing your interest in their skill.
  • Use your craft to help communicate the Gospel in their community.
  • Train with experienced recording engineers.


Many possibilities exist for you to be involved in global missions using music. Here are some thoughts:

  • Conduct community outreach concerts in partnership with local ministries and musicians.
  • Hold music Workshops where you will participate in classes both as teacher and learner.
  • Participate in leading outreach worship in newly planted churches.
  • Help train local churches in using music as an essential part of their worship, discipleship and evangelistic ministries.
  • Work alongside other musicians to create original music inspired by testimony and scripture.
  • Build relationships through cultural exchanges and experiences.
  • Initiate music Camps to introduce children to different instruments while teaching them scripture and the gospel.
  • Visit remote rural churches and invest in the local Christian musicians, the congregation and its pastor.


Technical needs are many.  You can be involved in making a difference around the world in many ways.  Here some ideas to pursue:

  • Teach others your craft.
  • Be intentional about sharing your faith as you work with other artists.
  • Join the Logos Hope ship as a production specialist.
  • Work with other Christian artists in music, dance or theatre productions.
  • Help record indigenous worship music and expressions.
  • Capture God's stories through video.
  • Get involved in communications to write, photograph and video.


Many possibilities exist for the use of theater in reaching people and further discipling believers. Here are a few:

  • Start a community theater in a city and collaborate with local artists to create original works.
  • Produce and perform shows in professional settings such as national theaters in countries.
  • Travel throughout Europe and gather stories to fashion into scripts and connect them with redemptive themes for Theater or Film.
  • Perform street theater as a way to connect with people and share Christ with them.
  • Join the Logos Hope ship as a performer or stage technician to present an allegory of the Gospel.
  • Produce Christian themed plays for children in schools.
  • Perform playback theater as a form of drama therapy in the many refugee camps in numerous countries
  • Consider basing yourself in a Christian Mission hospital and use an art form to show Christ's love to in-patients, out patients, staff and those in surrounding areas.


Visual artists can be involved in cross cultural missions in different ways. Here's some examples:

  • Join a multi cultural community art group in Prague, Czech Republic where diverse ethnic groups work together in creative work.
  • Create art and model biblical community.
  • Work with local artists to create and exhibit.
  • Work as an art teacher at any level from university to young children.
  • Teach visual arts to underprivileged children in Latin America so that they can express themselves and explore the gifts and talents God has blessed them with but they are unaware of.
  • Working in European universities and influencing artists who are developing their skills and will be influencing new generations of artists.
  • Starting art galleries where people can come and create and new skills.



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