Around the world dance is a feature in all cultures.  Whether people are celebrating a life event, enjoying a ballet, self expression or for other religious or cultural purposes you will find people dancing.  Like all art forms dance evokes emotion.  The choreography has meaning and purpose.  The dance tells a story.

God's story can be told through dance - so that peoples hearts, emotions and mind are touched by the living God.  Dance on the streets, in a dance studio in a concert hall.  Where there is an audience, God will speak.


Many people groups from Western Europe to South East Asia do not have expressions of Christian worship in the own indigenous art forms or language. These realities are obstacles for people to either fully express themselves to God in worship or touch other people’s lives with the Gospel. Through Biblically based song writing or art workshops, audio and video recordings, you can help these people relate to God more deeply and help them bring the Gospel to their communities in a manner that respects tradition and is infused with God’s truth.


It is clear in the Old Testament that musicians were involved in helping teach and rebuke God’s people, as well as help lead them in worship and ceremony. Similarly, a musician on the mission field today helps to communicate the gospel in fresh, culturally relevant ways that reinforce the teaching of the Church in evangelism and discipleship. By connecting with other musicians and engaging with local culture, music missionaries help to open doors of opportunity that might otherwise be closed.


Many art forms need complimentary, thoughtful, artistic and creative technical support.  This may be as sophisticated as a theatre production requiring sets, costumes, make up, lights and sound.  Or something much simpler.  Imagine how many efforts fail or fall short because the lighting or sound was bad?  Technical production is needed in many areas of the arts, and communications and media.  If we are to tell God's story well, we need people like you!


Theater can facilitate a connection on multiple levels. Perhaps the story of the play or sketch touches the heart of someone in the audience. Perhaps a person identifies with a character which relates to their own story.

For whatever the reason, live theater puts us in front of people that we would not ordinarily be with. No matter how brilliant our performance, we will still share the gospel with people individually. Theater is more easily welcomed in places where the church does not exist, and the connection begins at a cultural and artistic level. The beauty of the arts is that it gives us access to people and something to talk about.


Visual arts are present in every culture, created and produced in different ways and for different purposes. By entering into another culture, and by creating culturally relevant art, enables people to engage with the message in the art and the artist.

Either in a professional or impromptu setting, visual artists have immense opportunities to engage with people, and through their art work, to share the message of Jesus Christ. When artists are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and seek to bring new life to others and glory to God, God opens peoples hearts and minds to see and hear the message that could change their lives and through them the lives of others.



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