• Benvenuto a Incarnate


    On Saturday, 6 February, OM Arts introduced the locals of Isola del Gran Sasso to Incarnate - a programme dedicated to teaching artists to work in cross-cultural missions. 

    “We have these awesome creative people, we’re in this beautiful place and we find ourselves in the midst of people who need Jesus,” said Bill Drake, the director of Incarnate and OM Arts. “It was such a

  • Prophetic Art

    Artists participating in the Incarnate programme were charged with creating a collaborative piece of prophetic art intended to speak to the people of the local community, Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy.


    Incarnate is a 16-week holistic discipleship programme for artists led by OM Arts International. The first twelve weeks are spent in residence

  • International Arts Festival Impacts Italian Community

    Photograph: Garrett Nasrallah

    ISOLA DEL GRAN SASSO, ITALY – Visual and performing artists presented a display of eclectic works during the international art Festival Week hosted by OM Arts International’s Incarnate programme.

    The festival was the culmination of the artists’ hard work while at Incarnate. It was a celebration of the

  • Dance Warrior


    Photography: Garrett Nasrallah

    When I was a little kid, God spoke to my mom’s friend He told her that I am a ‘dance warrior.’ I didn’t know what that meant, and to be quite honest I thought it was strange. I hadn’t even started dancing yet. During the first week of Incarnate, OM Arts Director Bill Drake told me I am a ‘dance



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