When someone watches you dance, they experience the story you tell through the dance - your body, your expression, the choreography, the music, the energy.   The communication of the story happens on many levels - visual, musical, emotional and spiritual.  Through you God can show a person something new, something different as you dance.  This can happen through ballet or hip-hop, God isn't limited!  Beyond the dance, your life and character will continue speaking.


God is building His church as an international family of worshipers. The Church will one day represent all ethnic groups, tribes and languages on the planet. People in increasing numbers are singing, shouting and dancing joyously before the Lord Jesus Christ in this ever-growing crescendo of global praise and worship. Many long to have their 'heart sounds' recorded and shared with others, but lack the knowledge, confidence, or access to resources. You can help provide a means to spread the gospel through the talents of the materially disadvantaged to ignite others to worship God in a biblically appropriate and culturally relevant way in places where Christ-followers may be restricted or persecuted or in places where Christ is not known.


When musicians engage with missions they gain a unique understanding about being a part of the ensemble. In missions you participate in the musical ensemble by making music in different cultures while engaging with people, their local customs and history. This cultural connection then helps connect you, the musician, to the spiritual ensemble of God’s global body working together to fulfill His mission.


If an audience cannot see or hear properly, then there is a problem.  Quality technical production is vital in bringing ministry performances or exhibitions to life.  Good lighting is needed in an art gallery.  Good audio and lighting production can make or break a concert or theatre piece.   As you empower others to communicate, God will speak into the lives of that audience or gallery visitors.


Dramatic expression is an effective and powerful way to share the Gospel. Imagine walking down the street and seeing an actor calling out in agony or jumping for joy. You would probably stop and watch, if even for a moment, wouldn’t you? Theatre provides a means to surpass language barriers, captivate attention, and express universal truths that anyone from any culture can understand, and is therefore one of the most effective forms of communication. Theatrical ministry serves to tell God’s story and connect people to it.


People see thousands of images every day. Visual artists have the ability and opportunity to affect what people see and how they see it. A way for artists to get involved with the Great Commission is by using different mediums to influence communities around the globe. The arts have the power to reach and affect the heart of an individual first and then speak to their intellect.

Art can reflect back to a culture what is beautiful, worthy, positive in spite of what someone may think about the value of their own culture or people. Artists, as they create and exhibit their work can show people how God sees and feels about them and their culture and empower them with a sense of dignity, purpose and love for themselves and others.



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