What does God want to say?  Who is He saying it to? Who is God’s messenger? How do people see God?  How do they understand God?

As an artist, what is your role and calling in illuminating our world with the light of God’s truth and love?”  

When we involve God in our art making, we give Him the space to speak into our lives and through the art to others.  We are all called and given the opportunity to work this out according to our gifts.  The arts can be a window for people to look through, to see and understand something they don’t yet have but may yearn for. The arts can also powerfully and prophetically illuminate a reflection of a society back to itself, thus sensitizing people to what they may seek to change their lives.

Artists have unique opportunities to speak to communities and leave an imprint on a culture through their creations and incarnationally through their lives.  

God is not waiting for the church as an institution to reclaim its historic heritage or to affirm the artists’ gift.  Right now He is raising up gifted people of vision all over the world who are both artists and Christians, to honour Him who speaks in pictures, who invented all music; who dances over our worship with singing, and who wrote the great story full of pictures of the past and images for the future as He is designing a new world to glorify His kingdom on earth.



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