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Pastors and Church leaders are important for artists

As a leader, shepherd or decision maker, you have influence and God given responsibilities.  Being part of the Body of Christ, artists, through their gifting, have their place and role in the Church.  Often, the contribution of the arts in the Church is overlooked.  We are inspired by Mose's role in Exodus 35-26:7. Artists need you invite and empower them in their God given calling.

Why the arts are vital in reaching and discipling people

God is a Creative God.  His Image (Imago Dei) is woven into the very fabric of the Universe (Psalm 19), and especially through the pinnacle of His creation:  Humankind. Thus, our inherent creativity is God given.

It is not surprising, therefore, that every culture tells its “story”, its “meta-narrative”, through art.  Every culture expresses its values and distinctions through its unique art forms.  Art is the language every culture uses to communicate to and about itself, its metaphysical underpinnings, its spiritual dynamics and ultimately, its worldview.

Exodus 31:1-11 establishes that God does anoint artists to help accomplish His work.

How the arts shape culture and influence beliefs

In many ways, the Arts have already become a universal language through which perceived “truths” are currently being received and embraced in most all cultures and emerging generations.  Redemptive art taps deeply into many of the major communicative themes of the Bible.  It engages the imagination when creatively expressed Biblical Themes intersect personal lives and worldviews.  To the extent that the Body of Christ then employs the Arts in communicating the Gospel, it not only mirrors God’s creativity, but also identifies with His heart for global mission.

What you can do to help artists fulfill their calling

Your support and empowering of anyone to live out their calling effectively is critical. Often, the arts and artists are misunderstood, yet, they have such a vital, transforming contribution to the Church world wide.

Give space for your artists to be involved artistically in the life of your local fellowship.

Help them grow in their faith and calling.

Affirm and encourage their gifts and skill development.

Help them fulfill their calling.



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