Why not take a few weeks and join us in a different country doing God’s work?

It has been said that OM invented Short Term Missions. Many long term workers got their first taste serving cross culturally through short term mission trips. Maybe you are curious, maybe you only have a couple of weeks a year, maybe you just aren’t sure. That’s okay!

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flag Czech Republic

OM Arts Visual arts: Prague (02 August 2018)

The Czech Republic, like many parts of Europe, is post Christian. As a result of its history and misconceptions about God and the Church, there is a great need to demonstrate to the Czech people the truth about who God really is. Many do not believe in God, know of Jesus, or even have a Bible. The Czech people love art - what better way to meet and share with them then as an artist.

flag Netherlands

##FULL## OM Arts- Visual Artists City Outreach Leiden (17 August 2018)

The outreach will be held in collaboration with the local church that meets every Sunday in this church. It is their desire to reach fellow citizens with the gospel. They have been doing this for some years now through art exhibitions. In the first days of the outreach, the preparations will take place and materials can be purchased for the workshops. During this outreach week there is room to exhibit your own work and to engage with visitors. In addition, the intention is to organize art workshops in which visitors can participate.


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